4 Rare Flowers of the World

4 Rare Flowers of the World

Flowers are like any living specie in the world, they too can go extinct. With weaker soil, migration, population and less exposure to sunlight flowers too can be referred to in the past tense like dinosaurs. Here are some of the rarest and or extinct flowers.

CampionCampion – Scientifically known as the Silene Tomentosa these flowers were habited in London, and were once thought to be extinct. In 1992 the entire scientific community had written this flower off, and said it no longer habited this beautiful plant. This was the case for two years, until 1994 when a small and single specimen was found in Gibraltar. The seed was properly harvested and now this flower grows only in two regions one being the Almeda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, and the Royal Botanic Gardens of London.

The Jade VineThe Jade Vine – Baring the scientific name Strongylodon Macrobotrys the Jade Vine was spectacular as it one one of the only flowers or plants to grow and flourish in a bluish green color. This is the flower of the bats, and bats would hang onto the flower and drink the nectar. Regrettably these flowers are rarely found in the world, and due to the deforestation of their natural habitat in the Philippines have become even more scarce.



Parrots BeakParrot’s Beak – Scientifically known as Lotus Berthelotii this flower have been classified as rare for over a century. This plant is a native to the Canary Islands and is believed to have been pollinated by sunbirds which have been extinct for quite some time.




Chocolate CosmosChocolate Cosmos – A native flower to Mexico that has been extinct in the wild for well over 100 years. The only surviving specie is a as a single, non-fertile clone which was created back in 1902 by a form of propagation. It is said the Chocolate Cosmos gave off a Vanilla type of smell something comparable to the smell of vanilla beans.