5 Best office plants

5 Best office plants

It’s a great idea to spruce up an office with a potted plant, but not every plant will do well in an office environment. Low lighting, dry air and sporadic water schedules are usually limiting factors, but some plants can actually do quite well despite these conditions. Read on to learn about plants that pass the test.


The Pothos is a very low-maintenance leafy vine with showy, heart-shaped leaves. This plant is perfect for an office environment as it does well without much light and needs watering only about once a week. Pothos also has the added benefit of improving the air quality of its environment.


The Sansevieria or Snake Plant is also tolerant of low-lighting conditions, although it will thrive in full sun where available. It needs watering only about once or twice a week, depending on sun exposure. Overwatering will cause the roots to rot, so use caution and let the soil dry out between waterings.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily enjoys somewhat lower light levels, and will burn if exposed to full sun, but otherwise is relatively undemanding. Let the soil dry out between waterings and check for browning leaves (a sign of lack of moisture). Leaf browning can be easily remedied by misting the plant occasionally. Peace lilies are great air purifiers and produce beautiful white flowers with a central stalk or “spadix”.

Boston Fern

Another excellent air purifier, the Boston Fern likes bright but indirect light and cooler temperatures. Mist this plant occasionally to keep it healthy, and keep the soil evenly moist, being careful not to oversaturate it. If the leaves start to turn grey, it’s time to transplant your fern.

Spider Plants

Spider plants can tolerate low light and partial sun but will tend to burn if provided with direct sunlight. Plant in well-draining soil. Water more in summer than in winter, as with most potted plants.