Beautiful Roses

Beautiful Roses

Roses are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world, they are also the “love flower” infamous with romance and love. Some of the most popular roses in the world are listed below.

Knockout Roses

Knock Out Roses –

Most well-known for a landscape rose the Knock Out bears masses of cherry-red blooms over dark red foliage. This is a great flower for all season long because it is disease resistant, it can grow up to 3 feet tall.


Little Mischief Rose

Little Mischief –

Don’t let this name fool you, this beautiful flower is perfect for any sunny garden. The Little Mischief produces a ton of red flowers all season long though these red flowers are seen to become hot pink as they age. These variety of flowers grow up to 2 feet tall and are not bothered one bit by disease.




Flower Carpet Scarlet

Flower Carpet Scarlet –

This flower has the capability to fill your garden with a ton of color through the summer and autumn thanks to the bunches of very bright scarlet-red blooms which grow up to 3 feet tall.




Rainbow Knockout

Rainbow Knock Out –

This variety grows up to 3 feet tall and produces cute, coral-pink blooms, and produces them all season long. They are very easy to grow and the perfect rose to plant in any sunny landscape spot.




Snowdrift –

Snowdrifts are beautiful flower and white roses which symbolize friendship and significant bonds. This flower produces all season long and does not get touch or is infected by diseases. They are beautiful and gorgeous blooms and great for bouquets and table settings. They grow up to 4 feet tall and are cut much before that.


Paint the Town

Paint the Town –

This flower is very easy to grow, it produces an incredible amount of red roses all season long that are all disease-resistant. These flowers unlike a lot of roses on this list are perfectly shaped. They also grow up to 3 feet tall and their mounding habits make them ideal ground cover for sunny spots.



Home Run Rose

Home Run –

Incredibly rich red blooms that appear from the late spring to the fall. They are bred from the ‘Knock Out’ rose line, and they also grow up to 4 feet tall.


All the Rage

All the Rage

– This rose is all about the beautiful rich color, the buds start out a coral color, and then blossom to apricot-pink flowers with bright yellow centers.