Best flowers for an elegant event

Best flowers for an elegant event

Best flowers for an elegant event


OrienOriental Liliestal Lilies:

Oriental lilies can be found in a wide variety of colors and usually have some kind of variation in color within each flower. Stargazer lilies, for example, have a deep fuchsia color toward the center of each petal, which fades to pale pink and white around the edges. Casablanca lilies are pure white, and Muscadet lilies are white with pink freckles.



The tall green stalks of the gladiolus produce numerous colorful blooms which are arranged in a straight line up the stalk. They bloom in almost every color, so chose the shade which best matches other elements in the room, such as the carpet or curtains. Gladiolus stalks can be arranged with other flowers, but they make a bold statement displayed on their own in a tall narrow vase.



Like the gladiolus, simplicity may be the best way to go with Amaryllis. Arrange them in a tall narrow vase on their own or with a few sprigs of bear grass or curly willow. These flowers look great in shades of red, white and pink, but the most beautiful cultivar may be the Minerva Amaryllis, which is red with thick strips of white running down the middle of each petal.


Calla Lilies:Calla Lilies

These elegant lilies come in three sizes: mini callas, standard medium-sized callas (about 12 to 16 inches tall), and open-cut callas. Open-cut callas are the largest of the three, standing at 20-30 inches high. They have straight, sturdy stalks which produce one large trumpet-shaped flower per stalk. Open-cuts are the best choice for events, as they have a more sophisticated look to them. When in doubt, go with classic white callas arranged with some curly willow.



These spring blooms have large heads with numerous layered, delicate petals. They look great in shades of pink, a nice choice for a daytime event. For nighttime, go with white or aubergine. Aubergine may be slightly more difficult to find, but it’s well worth the effort.




Although orchid heads are sometimes used in bouquets, go with full orchid plants if you want to make a real impression. White orchids are the color of choice for an elegant affair, although shades of pale pink and yellow are also quite beautiful. Choose whichever color best suits the mood of the occasion, e.g. deep purple or pink work very well for an evening event.