Greener Arrangements for Your Wedding — 5 Tips

Greener Arrangements for Your Wedding — 5 Tips

Greener Arrangements for Your Wedding — 5 Tips

1. Go Local:

The biggest step you can take to keep your arrangements as eco-friendly as possible is to use locally grown flowers. Exotic flowers imported from thousands of miles away often carry a weighty burden – the gas needed to transport these beautiful blooms across the globe will hardly seem worth the effort to the environmentally-conscious bride. Go local to avoid a wedding with a hefty carbon footprint. Do a little research to figure out which flowers grow in your area and don’t be afraid to ask your florist lots of questions.

2. Grow Your Own:

With enough advanced planning, you can easily provide flowers for your own wedding. Firstly, do some research and look into which flowers work best in arrangements or bouquets, making sure not to choose flowers with stems that are too short, or blooms which will wither within hours. You’ll want to use hardy, versatile flowers that will lend themselves to being easily arranged. Select the blooms you desire and look into the logistics of planting. When you’re ready to harvest, use care in clipping and trimming your flowers. You can easily put together a great looking bridal bouquet and centerpieces of your own making while saving money and reducing your environmental impact.

3. Go Wild:

Instead of relying on a florist, consider using wildflowers for your special day. Many beautiful flowers like anemones, lavender and penstemon, for example, can be easily and quickly harvested for use in your arrangements and bouquets. Wildflowers work especially well in spring and daytime weddings. Grasses and small branches can make great accents to your bouquets.

4. Alternatives to traditional floral arrangements:

Many brides find that using potted plants, single-stem vase arrangements or even herbs and other greens produces an effect that is just as pleasing and beautiful as going with traditional arrangements and bouquets. A single stem of a large, showy flower like Oriental lily, amaryllis or hydrangea accented with a little bear grass can make just as much of a statement. Potted plants can be enjoyed long after the celebration, and herbs can add a wonderful scent to an arrangement as well. You can even use produce like apples, grapes or more exotic fruits.

5. Fake it:

Consider using silk or paper flowers to create the effect of real flowers without the environmental cost. Silk flowers are durable and can be reused time after time. Paper flowers mimic the lightness and delicacy of real flowers beautifully. Alternatively, you can use other decorative objects such as stones or beach glass placed in ceramic bowls or vases to create gorgeous centerpieces. A little creativity goes a long way.