I’m sending flowers to a guy…

I’m sending flowers to a guy…

So, you need to send flowers to a man. Now what? There’s a delicate art to selecting flowers for men. It’s not as hard as it seems but it helps to stick to some general guidelines. Here are a few simple tips for keeping arrangements on the masculine side.

Who are you sending flowers to?

This will inform your choice of flowers. Are you sending a thank you or sympathy arrangement to a coworker or superior? If so, go with something more formal looking and definitely stick to neutral tones like whites (all white is traditional for sympathy), blues and greens. Steer clear of roses, too. It may be okay to include a few in a sympathy arrangement, but don’t overdo it – the rose is the classic flower of love and romance. If you’re sending a romantic arrangement to your boyfriend or husband, on the other hand, feel free to include as many roses as you want. It’s still a safe bet to stick with blues, greens and whites unless you know that he likes other colors.

Steer clear of “girly” colors:

This may sound obvious, but it’s worth pointing out. Shades of pink, red, yellow and purple are not the way to go when sending a bouquet or arrangement to a male. If you send a typically feminine-looking bouquet to the man in question at his place of work, you risk embarrassing him in front of his boss or coworkers. That said, there are some men that like colors in the warm palate, such as orange, yellow and red. If you know for sure that he likes these colors and would be fine with receiving an arrangement in these shades, go for it. But if there’s any question about or ambiguity at all, don’t risk it.

When in doubt, stick with a neutral color palate:

As was pointed out above, girly colors might cause embarrassment for the recipient of your flowers. Best to go with a floral arrangement in “neutral” tones. This means white or cream, blues and greens. It’s helpful to tell your florist that the arrangement is going to a male – they deal with these requests all the time. In fact, go ahead and provide them with as many details as you can: is it going to a business or residence? Is it a friendly or business-related gesture? These details will help them to create the perfect arrangement tailored to the occasion and conveying the right kind of sentiment. Any florist worth their salt will probably have dealt with a similar situation before and will know what to do.

Choose flowers with a classic, elegant look:

In addition to the color of your flowers, you’ll also want to consider the types of flowers you use. Some are a bit more feminine than others, such as peonies, roses and Gerber daisies. Stay away from these. Instead, go for flowers with a sophisticated, unfussy look, like white calla lilies. You can even use Oriental lilies if you stick with white, but might want to steer clear of Peruvian lilies unless you know that he specifically likes these. Some other good choices are green anthuriums and blue hyacinth. Orchids will also work just fine.

Go with a plant:

If you’re uneasy with the whole idea of sending a floral arrangement to a man, go with a potted plant instead. This will convey the same message, whether it’s “thank you” or “I love you,” giving plants as gifts is a lovely gesture and appropriate for any occasion. Just make sure the plant you choose is not overly demanding, unless you know that the recipient would be willing to take on the task of caring for a more high-maintenance plant. If not, definitely stay away from bonsais – these neat little miniature trees require extensive care and many people don’t have the time to make this kind of investment. Instead, go with a Pothos or Peace Lily. These are popular office plants because they are among the easiest to care for. Pothos is very tolerant of erratic watering, just make sure not to overwater it, somewhere around once or twice a week should be just fine. Jade is also a beautiful plant that won’t be too demanding. When in doubt, ask a florist. Chances are they have heard your questions before and will usually be happy to help.