Rose Meanings Decoded

Rose Meanings Decoded

Roses Colors
One of the most popular and sought-after flowers in the world, the rose is a universal symbol of love, yet you may not know that different colored roses carry their own unique meanings. Roses come in many different varieties, with some hybrids containing stripes or as many as three different colors on a single flower. Take a look at our list below to discover the meanings and symbolism of different varieties of rose.

Red: Love, Romantic love, Passionate love, Beauty, Passion, Courage

Deep Red: Unconscious beauty, Mystery

Pink: Sweetness, New or youthful love, Appreciation and Gratitude, Admiration, Grace

Yellow: Friendship, Grace, Joy, Cheerfulness, Platonic love

White: Purity, Virtue, Unity, Reverence, Secrecy, associated with weddings and also funerals

Lavender: Royalty, Regal, Love at first sight, Captivation or Enchantment

Orange: Passion, Enthusiasm, Desire, Fascination, “I’m proud of you”

Peach: Sincerity, Modesty, Appreciation, Friendliness, Purity

Red and Yellow: Joy, Amiability, Sociableness, Happy feelings

Yellow with red tips: Falling in love, Friendship

Blue: Mystery, Longing and appreciation for the unattainable, That which cannot be grasped, Ambiguity, The impossible, New opportunities

Black: Death, Goodbye, Mourning, Rebirth, Courage

Green/Turquoise: Fertility, Abundance, Renewal of life, Calm, Balance, Wellbeing