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Not all flowers are considered to be equally romantic, though people have believed for years that roses are the ultimate key to one’s heart. They fail to understand there are others which are equally romantic and have different meanings.

IrisIris – First glance of this flower and one falls in love, it’s fairly large and blossoms beautifully just like a rose of orchid would. This flower has various meanings including Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Courage and Admiration. Iris’s are vivid and gorgeous, and next time you are looking for the perfect flower to give a loved one or significant other the Iris should not be overlooked.



SunflowerSunflower – Sunflower the free growing flower which can reach heights that many on this list simply could never reach. The Sunflower stands for Loyalty, Adoration, and Longevity they can grow by themselves or in bunches.




WildflowersWild Flowers – Including Lilacs, orchids, and carnations wild flowers are gorgeous when picked fresh and put into a bouquet. They have many meanings some being spontaneousness, thoughtfulness and whimsical.




LilacLilac – A bit harder to find, but not impossible, Lilacs grow in various colors and are said to inspire youthfulness and innocence.





CarnationsCarnation – Carnations need no introduction they offer distinction, love, and fascination. They are also known as a symbol of love, red carnations throughout many countries are said to symbolize a pure and eternal love.




OrchidsOrchids – Love, luxury, strength and beauty are all characteristics of Orchids. Orchids are beautiful and incredibly hard to maintain, but a elegant pink, or purple orchid could put you in the black for a fairly long time.





LilyLily – Incredibly classy, elegant, and show a longevity which has seemed to disappear in today’s age. You only need a few of these opposed to a very large bouquet to leave a loved one stunned, and overridden with joy.

Important Flowers in Chinese Culture

Flowers hold an incredible position in the Chinese culture, flowers have been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, for traditional purposes, and for overall remedy.

Plum BlossomsPlum Blossoms – Within the Chinese culture the plum blossom is known as the “friend of winter”. This flower represents and shows the value of endurance, as within the Chinese culture one of the main things is making yourself tougher, and stronger not only physically but mentally. This specific flower is said to soothe the soul from bitterness, and give lift to ones spirit.


PeonyPeony – The Peony is considered by some as China’s national flower, it is very significant in China. This flower symbolizes honour, richer and prosperity. This flower is so prominent in China that they have dedicated the months of April and May every year to holding to Peony festival.




ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum – These flowers originated in China and thus have a great significance to the Chinese. They symbolize elegance and nobility. Chrysanthemum’s tend to blossom in late autumn, and are known to withstand coldness.




OrchidsOrchid – Orchids have been favourites of Chinese Scholars since ancient times. They represent friendship, integrity and nobility. Chinese believe these three traits are characteristics of a perfectly cultured gentlemen.




China RoseChina Rose – Regarded by flower enthusiasts as the “Queen of Flowers”. This flower blooms all year and ranges in which colors it can blossom in from everything from red to creamy white to even yellow. The China Rose is considered the flower of Beijing.



CamelliaCamellia – Camellia has been around for years and years and since the beginning of the flowers history the Chinese have used the Camellia’s roots and leaves in tea.




AzaleasAzaleas – Though these flowers only bloom in the Springing only last a few weeks the are said to bring with them happiness and prosperity, and can evoke a persons passion life from within.