Top 5 Most Fragrant Flowers

Top 5 Most Fragrant Flowers



This familiar and highly-scented beauty blooms in early spring and appears as large clusters of small purple-pink flowers. The plant itself is a large deciduous shrub growing about 6 feet tall and 6 to 8 feet wide. The cut flowers smell incredible and the shrub itself does very well in almost all regions of the United States.



Roses are known for their intoxicating scent, and rose oil is a highly valued commodity the world over (fun fact: Bulgaria produces over 70% of the world’s rose oil). While most roses carry some sort of fragrance, some roses are especially fragrant. These include “Hansa,” “Heritage,” “Angel Face,” “La France” and “Pierrine.”



Freesia carries one of the most lovely scents of any flower. It is native to the eastern part of southern Africa, but exported the world over. If the scent is what you’re after, be sure to choose freesia with a deep pink or fuchsia color; these are more fragrant than the yellow varieties.




The hyacinth plant grows small purple flowers in clusters lining short stalk-like stems. It is native to the Mediterranean but due to the high demand for this wonderfully scented flower, it is now grown across the globe. Due to their popularity, many different cultivars have been produced, and hyacinth can be found in shades of blue, white, pink, yellow and red.



A member of the coffee family, the Gardenia plant is an evergreen shrub which produces conspicuous creamy white flowers. They are heavily scented and their fragrance has been likened to vanilla, although it is quite unique. Gardenias bloom from mid-spring to midsummer and thrive in tropical environments. Gardenia oil is a prized ingredient in many popular perfumes.