Top 6 Caribbean Flowers

Top 6 Caribbean Flowers

Flowers are beautiful anywhere in the world, but when you are surrounded by water on vacation nothing stands out more then the vibrant flowers at all the beach side settings. Or that the locals are trying to sell you, here are the top flowers of the Caribbean.

Barbados LilyBarbados Lily – This flower originated in Brazil and was brought over to Barbados as well as some of the Caribbean islands. The Hippeastrum Puniceum more commonly known as the Barbados Lily. Is a very low maintenance, great smelling and vibrant flower. This flower adds colors and life to everyones garden.



AnthuriumAnthurium – This flower is incredibly unique as it doesn’t grow in normal soil but grows mostly in heavy clay or sandy loams. The flower offers various rich color variations such as red. The flower is waxy and a spathe, the leaf base has spikes and thorns similar to that of a rose.  Because of the flower being wax it looks very similar to a artificial flower.


BougainvilleBougainville – Not very well known for the beauty but more for the refined magenta bracts which can be and are found in various colors including white, pink, yellow and salmon. Originally hailing from the sub-tropical regions all around South America. Now it is cultivated and found in warm climates all around the world.


Caribbean LilyCaribbean Lily – It bares the name Scilla Peruviana but almost always it is referred to as the Caribbean Lily. This flower grows in exotic hot climates and found income of the most luxurious islands around the Caribbean Sea.




Cattleya OrchidCattleya Orchid – Most often used for and as corsages all over the world, due to their exotic reputation. This flower can be found growing mostly in Central America and primarily in the South of Brazil.




Hippeastrum – Known by most as the Amaryllis this flower grows very long, and has incredibly scrappy leaves and tall heads. Mostly grows in a red, red-and-white combination.  But this flower can also be found in salmon, yellow and white.